You're still not fully equipped? You left your light wind kite at home? Or just want to test new kites and boards?  


You can rent our modern gear: kites and boards or material like wetsuits and harnesses.


Of course, it is our pleasure to help you choose the perfect fitting material as in kite- and board sizes.

Kite Flat Rate

You can lend and test the station's complete kite equipment throughout the season.

In addition, at the end of the season you can take one kite and one board of your choice with you.

Beware: we only have a very limited number to this offer - so be sure to claim yours in time.



There are 3 different variants of the Flat Rate, so there is something for everyone!


  • FlatRate Small: Material Rental EUR 650.-
  • FlatRate Medium: equipment rental and kite (up to 12m2) incl. Bar at the end of the season EUR 1050.-
  • FlatRate Large: equipment rental and kite (up to 12m2) incl. Bar plus board at the end of the season EUR 1350.-


Surcharge for Tubekites over 12m2 and Low-Wind Foilkites on request

Rental prices

Kites Boards Combination Accessory
      Kite+Board  (suits, harness)
1st hour 25,- 15,- 35,- 5,-
add. hour 15,- 10,- 20,- 3,-


Reservation in advance isn't necessary.