Basic course

basic course

The basic schooling for future kite surfers and those who want to try it seriously.

Theory, practice on land with training kites and two units of water training.


  • Duration : 3 lessons (theory, land, water and safety training) 
  • all the necessary equipment (incl. wetsuit, harness, kite,...) 
  • Duration: approx. 2 days (depending on the weather)

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basic course Large

The expanded base for your future kitesurf career.

 Theory, practice on land with training kites and three units of water training.


  • Duration : 4 lessons (theory, land, water and safety training)
  • all necessary equipment included (wetsuit, harness, kite,...)
  • Duration: approx. 3 days (depending on the weather)

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basic course X-Large


The intensive training for prospective kite surfers.

Theory, land training and water training as well as 6h free material rental at the end of the course.



  • theory
  • 5 practical units (land, water and safety training)
  • complete kiteboarding equipment (kitematerial, wetsuit, harness)
  • 6h free material hire additionally after the end of the course
  • Duration: approx. 4-5 days (depending on the weather)

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VDWS kite licence

For a small fee of € 35 you can make the exam for the internatioanal VDWS kite license. For a total of € 49.- you get the VDWS - textbook and the VDWS kite license.

Course dates

Our courses start periodically Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 10.00 o'clock. Flexible appointments possible by consultation.


Visit us at North/ North Beach, book online, by email or just give us a call at +43 699 1967 86 82

Details - basic kitesurfing course

All our courses start with trainer kites on land. Target is to get used to basic kite handling.

The next step will be the handling of tubekites on water you get introduced to the complete equipment properly.


Goal of first water training is steering, handling, the safe way to move around with board; the body drag and of course exercises with the board.


Additionally a theoretical unit teaches you everything you need to know about gear, safety, wind and more.


Further watertrainings (large and x-large course) grade up your handling and the usage of boards.


An additional training, the safety workshop will teach you all you need the be safe, enjoying your new sport in future.


Every time possible is the additional certification by a international license.



The chronological process of the course is adapted to wind conditions. If wind conditions are not satisfying or safe you will receive a voucher to come back for proper wind.


Please bring proper shoes, sporty clothes, sun screen, hat, and sun glasses.