Basic course

The basic training for future kite surfers and those who want to try it seriously.


Theory, practice on land and two units of water training. book now more information

basic course Large

€ 339

The extended foundation for your future kitesurfing life.


the kite basic course Large includes:

5 lessons (theory, land, water and safety training).

basic course X- Large

€ 409

The intensive training for prospective kite surfers.


Theory, land training and water training and 6h free material rental at the end of the course.



Private & Trial course

Private basic course

ab €178

The turbo for your learning success with your private kite instructor!

Compile the course completely according to your knowledge, learning progress, wishes and time ideas.

Trial course

€ 69


The basic entry to the experience of kitesurfing.

In theory and practice, you will learn to control a kite and thereby judge for yourself if this sport fits to you.



Students & Kids courses

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