Land Kiting Basic Course

In this course you learn the basics on how to control a kite. We also use a mountain board depending on your individual progress of learning.


Requirements:  none  


Possible venues: Podersdorf and Vienna


Discounts available for groups, students and pupils.

Your Course Program:

  • Training on land
  • Theory
  • Duration approximately 2.5 hours

Course Dates:

  • Flexible dates are possible at any time after consulting our team.


  • A - License: Kite teacher plus Station manager
  • C - License: Kite teacher

Includes the complete land kiting gear (kite material, mountain board, protective gear, helmet and harness)

Details on what you learn during the basic course of land kiting:

Kite surfing is not simply a water sport. Kite surfing is also possible on land. We offer a course on kiting on land now, using a mountain board. The mountain board is the kite surfer’s skateboard. It has wide wheels for going cross country and foot straps for spectacular jumps.  


The exact progress of the course depends on the wind- and weather conditions. If your land kiting course cannot be held or must be interrupted, due to the wind- or weather conditions, then we offer you the wind guarantee. You will receive a voucher for the remaining time of the course.


Please bring proper shoes, sporty (weather appropriate) clothing, sunscreen, a cap and sunglasses.

Why is it, that more and more kite-surfers-to-be take this “detour” over land kiting, or even stick to land kiting all together?



  • Because you want to perfect your kite handling skills, so that it will work better from the beginning when you are on the water. Due to the reduced rolling friction, you need a lot smaller kites than on the water. You can acquaint yourself a lot more gently with the forces and the right technique.
  • Because pros can do the exact same spectacular moves and jumps on the mountain board, as kite surfers can on the water.
  • Because not everybody has the Atlantic Ocean or a lake on their front door step, but your neighbor’s backyard is sometimes enough to get wild and crazy on your mountain board. Anyway, there are people, who are simply water shy.
  • Because sometimes you just don’t want to wait from November till April until the water gets warm again. The mountain board is simply the perfect gear to train your kiting skills during the cold periods of the year.
  • Or simply: because it’s darn fun! But beware: it can be addictive!