Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl with it's 128km² is Europe's biggest endorheic lake. Very shallow and even more windy, lake Neusiedl is one of Europe's top spots.

  • Austria's largest and most lake windy.
  • Average depth of 1,50m.
  • Lagoon like shallow water with sand underground along the whole teaching area.

a lonesome cowboy said then: „Wenn ich den See seh’, brauch ich kein Meer mehr!"

Kitesurfing in Podersdorf

Best wind conditions to kite in Podersdorf are all west and north wind directions. Straight south wind is only reserved for professionals as it blows side off shore and mostly gusty.


The official kite beach is the north/north beach right next to the north gateway of the village. During high season it's quite crowded so you better beware while launching and landing your kite.


Another possibility to launch your kite is the camping site, but only as an official guest of it. Disadvantage is that you have to share the beach and lake with swimmer, surfer and sailing boats.


The south/south beach at is a straight to kitesurfing dedicated beach. But kitesurfing is reserved only during kite lessons and rental or the joy of upwind and rescue service.



More abour Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl (Hungarian: Fertő-tó, fertő what means moor) as like Plattensee is one of few endorheic lakes in Europe. Main part of it is located inbetween Austrian boarders, constituting Austria's largest lake. A smaller part of the lake belongs to Hungary. Typical, is the wide geographical extension of reed around the shores, its shallow water depth and its moderate and windy climate. As UNESCO wild life park, flora and fauna are protected and a unique characteristic of this region.


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Safety at the beach

Check the wind and weather forecast

  • Avoid gusty and off shore wind, prefer on- and side shore wind.
  • Choose wind conditions to kite according to your skills.



Get informed about local circumstances

  • Leave entrance open for emergency vehicle.
  • Ensure an exit leewards in case of emergency.
  • Watch out for appropriate area to train and a wide space to launch and land your kite.

Respecting certain rules keeps the beach safe and clean for you, your friend and other people around.

Remember the safety checklist before launching your kite

  • Only instructed people are allowed to launch and land your kite. 
  • Never fly your kite above or nearby other persons.
  • Watch out for persons, ready to help you in case of emergency.




Check your gear

  • Choose your kite sizes according to current wind and wheater conditions plus your personal skills.
  • Control your whole equipment, especially your lines.
  • Check and get used to your quickrelease.
  • Pay attention when parking your kite and load it.
  • Wear proper wetsuits, impact vest and use a helmet.




Never kite alone

  • Keep a minimum distance of three line lengths to everyone using the lake.
  • Mind the rules of way
  • Practice the cases of emergency from time to time.




Important rules at lake Neusiedl

  • Kitesurfing inside the 200m line measured from the shore is strictly fobidden between Mai 10th and September 15th. Walk or body drag to this line of buoyage.
  • Kiting or even landing the kite at the protected landscape (500m left handed from beach) is prohibited.

Ride safe, have fun!