Learn Kitesurfing

Few essential facts to know about kitesurfing, kiteboarding or simply said kiting.

Kitesurfing is a quite young sport which combines steering a kite and floating a board across water.

During the late 80`s pioneers started first experiments with traction kites, related to the current form of kitesurfing which initiated a proper boom of this new sport. At the windsurf mecca, Hawaii local windsurf heros started to enjoy this innovative fun.


Progressively, equipment and safety got developed and increased so kitesurfing raised up and reached also the coasts and shores of Europe.


End of the 90's, small kite schools apeared in Germany and Austria and around turn of the millennium, first championships got hold.


Kitesurfing provides a wide range, from easy floating around till crazy jumps and daring stunts.

Our teaching conception

We want to distance from ordinary "by the hour" course and focus instead on quality and intensity. Our trainers are all the time available for you and your needs. Different characters meet and get to know each other during lessons and will friendly share the new passion of kitesurfing.   Our goal is to maximize your learning progress in private atmosphere and provide you with knowledge for your further career, as we want you to share the passion, being kitesurfer.

Course overview